GBR Restoration Symposium
16-19 July 2018
Wednesday 18th July
Economic levers/investment

Developing a sustainable business model for large-scale coral restoration in the Bahamas
Sam Teicher et al., Coral Vita

Engagement at all scales: conservation activities with SMB and corporate tourism CSR partners in Thailand
Petch Manopawitr et al., IUCN

Leveraging the science to position GBR restoration as the global benchmark - raising collaborative capital
Paul Niederer, Raiseworth Capital

How to build a business case for an intervention on the reef
Patrick Silvey, VenturePro

Reef credits – a market instrument to pay for improving water quality and the improvement of reef health
Mike Berwick et al., Green Collar

Learning from reef restoration experiences around the world

Key lessons learned from 30+ years of coral reef restoration
Austin Bowden-Kerby, Corals for Conservation

Establishing the first coral nursery in the GBR to regenerate high value coral reefs
Stewart Christie et al., Reef Restoration Foundation

Putting the coral back into ‘coral reef restoration’: Proactive massive coral mitigation in Hawaii
David Gulko et al., Hawaii Div Aquatic Resources

Racing against climate change in the Republic of Seychelles
Louise Laing et al., People4Ocean

Validating a large-scale reef restoration project post-2016 coral bleaching in the Maldives
Tess Moriarty et al., U of Newcastle

Assessing biological diversity and richness in natural, transplanted, artificial, and “accidental” reefs in Puerto Rico
Manuel A. Nieves-Ortiz, U de Puerto Rico

Social licence/politics

Is social acceptance really the end goal? Experiences and lessons for avoiding engagement mistakes of the past
Lucy Carter et al., CSIRO

Who has a stake in reef restoration? Designing stakeholder engagement and public participation in large-scale environmental interventions
Bruce Taylor et al., CSIRO

Tweeting the reef revolution: an analysis of public debates on GBR restoration
Maxine Newlands et al., JCU

Can we build community resilience to climate change through ecological restoration? The case for deliberative governance
Karen Vella, QUT

Pathways to connect citizen science with reef restoration
Richard Coleman et al., Reef Check Australia

Novel ecosystems: managing novelty in the marine realm
Marie-Lise Schläppy et al., UWA/AIMS

Breeding/growing corals & other restoration methodologies

Large scale, carbon neutral coral production
Ryan Donnelly, Cairns Marine

Seeding units and floating pool devices to facilitate large scale coral restoration via sexual reproduction
Aric Bickel et al., SECORE

Scaling up coral restoration using micro-fragmentation plus sexual reproduction: Ten years’ experience in Florida and Mexico
David Vaughan et al., Mote Marine Lab

Rehabilitation of coral reefs through removal of macroalgae: State of knowledge and considerations for management and implementation in GBR catchment
David Bourne et al., AIMS/JCU

Restoration in highly diverse ecosystems and the roles of science, community and government
Susan Laurance, JCU

Green engineering seawalls in the GBR: a trial using plant boxes to promote biodiversity
Nathan Waltham et al., JCU

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